Thursday, October 3, 2013

Yesterday's GWCemetery report

From Orrin :

A little after 8 this morning I was roughly between the Steinway and Morse tombs when I was a small raptor, that appeared to be a sharp-shinned hawk, land near the top of a leaveless tree.  In rapid succession, a coopers hawk landed in the tree, the sharpie took off, a couple of other small raptors swooped in overhead, a large raptor with a white rear end (harrier, although in the wrong place) swooped over me into the trees on my right, flocks of what looked like mourning doves flew off in apparent panic, and still another raptor (osprey, I think) flew overhead.  No pin pricks but things moving too fast for me to be sure about anything but the coopers. The coopers hung around.  (Pictures later.)  About a half hour later another coopers, fairly low down, flew over me as I headed to the Sylvan Water, where I saw one of the local red tails settling in.

Also,  today:

ruby-crowned kinglet (may)
golden-crowned kinglet
chestnut-sided warbler (immature)
yellow warbler
yellow-rumped warbler
northern ficker
swamp sparrow

Cooper's hawk at GWC, photo by Orrin Tilevitz