Saturday, October 5, 2013

Prospect BBC walk highlight; +1 report

From Bobbi, on the Prospect Walk "Leaders Choice" led by Sandy Paci

Highlight being the continuing SORA  at the Peninsula phragmite marsh ( see previous posts where and map) and VESPER SPARROW at the "Sparrowbowl " this afternoon . The latter location is the lawn vale between the Tennis and Picnic mansions. See Bobbi's note and Vesper Sparrow photo below (bird list pending)

Hi Peter,

we had an awesome time on Sandy's walk today.  Klemens and Kathy, our two expert rail finders attended and Chellie is back visiting for a week from TN and joined as well.

It's likely Sandy or Chellie got better pictures of the Vesper than i did, but here's my best shot.

Sandy sending list under separate cover.

photo by Bobbi Manian


From Joshua,

Observer: Joshua Malbin
2013-10-05 10:51
Prospect Park
Protocol: Traveling
1.5 Miles
254 Minutes
Observers: 2
All birds reported? Yes
    X    Canada Goose     
    X    Mute Swan     
    X    Mallard     
    7    Northern Shoveler     
    1    Double-crested Cormorant     
    1    Great Egret     
    1    Accipiter sp.    Too high above to judge size or tail shape. Based on voice probably cooper's. 
    1    Red-tailed Hawk     
    X    Rock Pigeon     
    1    Mourning Dove     
    15    Chimney Swift     
    1    Belted Kingfisher     
    1    Red-bellied Woodpecker     
    1    Downy Woodpecker     
    1    Hairy Woodpecker     
    8    Northern Flicker     
    1    American Kestrel     
    1    Eastern Wood-Pewee     
    3    Eastern Phoebe     
    1    White-eyed Vireo    Well house path 
    2    Red-eyed Vireo     
    X    Blue Jay     
    2    Black-capped Chickadee     
    1    Tufted Titmouse     
    1    White-breasted Nuthatch     
    1    Winter Wren     
    2    Carolina Wren     
    9    Ruby-crowned Kinglet     
    X    American Robin     
    X    Gray Catbird     
    1    Black-and-white Warbler     
    1    Tennessee Warbler     
    5    Common Yellowthroat     
    2    Northern Parula     
    1    Black-throated Blue Warbler     
    40    Palm Warbler     
    6    Pine Warbler     
    7    Yellow-rumped Warbler     
    1    Black-throated Green Warbler     
    1    Field Sparrow     
    1    Savannah Sparrow    Butterfly meadow. 
    4    Song Sparrow     
    13    White-throated Sparrow     
    X    Northern Cardinal     
    X    House Sparrow       
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