Thursday, October 3, 2013

Prospect: Its beginning to look alot like...sparrows

The transition overlap is beginning to see the influx of sparrows , mixed in with the late warbler period.

Along the active rise at the ballfields, particularly in the vicinity of Ballfield #2, a WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW juvenile stood out among  CHIPPING & SAVANNAH SPARROWS ; a very nice number of warblers , especially three PINE --two bright and one 1st  year drab- fed on the ground with numbers of PALM and YELLOW-RUMPEDS - " rumps and pumps "-affectionately named for these warblers. Add some RUBY-CROWNED KINGLETS and EASTERN PHOEBES in that area.

Passing through the park on my way home from the dentist office at 9th street, I picked up SWAMP SPARROW & SONG SPARROW at the West Island shelter phragmites and Lamppost 249. On the later, a WHITE-EYED VIREO  perched momentarily.

Steve Nanz reported LINCOLN SPARROW at the "Sparrowbowl" the vale between the Tennis and Picnic Houses. INDIGO BUNTING reported there as well.

The SORA was reported but from Bobbi's tweet  might be a fleeting glance as the BBC walk tried to see it.

8 RUDDY DUCKS and the season's fist AMERICAN COOT are in. Before we know it the December holidays are here.

But no joy for me this afternoon as I have to go to the dentist to get a tooth pulled likely ( it broke) :,(