Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween greetings, treats galore

From Orrin : 
Green-Wood Cemetery this morning.  Movie shoot with lots of cars and a south wind combined for sub-ideal bird viewing but still a fair number of species in the hour I had.  Highlight was the five (5) woodcocks I managed to flush without getting a picture of, or good look at, any of them.

Blue jay
Monk parakeet
Red-bellied woodpecker
American woodcock (5)
Mourning dove
Eastern phoebe (3)
Ruby-crowned kinglet (several)
Coopers hawk
Song sparrow
White-throated sparrow
Golden-crowned kinglet
Dark-eyed junco (many)
Chipping sparrow
House finch
House sparrow
Northern cardinal
Ruddy duck (11 on Sylvan Water)
Northern flicker
Wood duck (1 on Sylvan Water)