Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fwd: Hooded Warbler

> Greetings from Chester County, western outskirts of Philadelphia for a family weekend visit.
Below is a report from Gus on Hooded Warbler in Prospect..

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Hi Peter,
I saw a Hooded Warbler at the West Mid Slope Path of the lookout hill, above the West drive around 2:00 -2:10 pm today. It was near the big fallen tree, about 150 feet north of the South West stairs to the lookout hill. The bird flew up toward the top of the hill.
I recognized it immediately because I saw similar one 4 weeks ago in the Cove area.
It looks exactly like the attached picture that I downloaded from Google.
This is the same trail that I saw the Connecticut Warbler few weeks back and at similar time of the day. It's my lucky trail.