Thursday, October 17, 2013

Prospect: Hitchcock Lives, The Birds !!

Coming through the Ravine Upper Pool back path  in my work vehicle "Toro" ( yes its the name of the brand and fittingly my Horoscope sign Taurus the Bull), I saw quick moving shadows on the path while the sun was shining briefly. Getting out , I quickly ascertained it was a large flock of COMMON GRACKLES which by the way , yesterday 800 were seen in front of the LitchField Villa, on the lawn reported by Rob Jett. The Grackles were in the oak trees, attacking the acorns that I heard near me dropping numerously unto the path.

And very generously, one of the flyover Grackles crapped on me, the poop landing on the back of my neck.[Thanks !]

In what appears to my personal perspective the poorest sparrow migration in Prospect in memory at this midpoint of October, small activity in Butterfly meadow and Aversa pass alleviates the boredom. Among WHITE-THROATED SPARROWS with one or two SWAMP and SONG,a NASHVILLE WARBLER appeared several times in Butterfly Meadow , then up slope in the middle meadow with numerous AMERICAN GOLDFINCHES and a single BLUE-HEADED VIREO

Aversa Pass is the spot we here in the Landscape Management office call the junction at Payne Hill /Sullivan Hill, where the north woods meet the Long Meadow. Here, at the trail head going to Nellie Lawn,  mostly WHITE-THROATED SPARROWs and another NASHVILLE WARBLER.

And a sad note to birding loyalists of Butterfly Meadow/Summit Hill, especially that latter spot. A large oak richly memorable with warblers and all sorts of birds  was cut down, due to old age, accelerated decay and root distortion from heavy compaction. It was a matter of time for the old guy and a hazard to the public especially with the upcoming Halloween walk next weekend after this.

On a cheery note, HOODED WARBLER continues in the same location, the west mid slope trail near the south end of Lookout Hill; See Klemens' note: Dear Peter, Hooded warbler continues on LO hill west trail, on mulch trail between mulch pile and fence partially closing trail. This was the former CW spot.
Dead for the rest.
Best, Klemens