Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fwd: Sora

Greeting still from Chester County,PA. Back Monday eve.

Below is Rob Bate's photo of the latest SORA sighting in the very same marsh as the other Sora. based on Rob's assertion,it sounds like a second bird. Compare with the previous photo I have on my blog (go to the archives below right side).If so a second SORA, we are witnessing history here ,folks. Three rails in a single Autumn season. ( we need to call the NYC Landmarks commission to set aside that phrag marsh section. :-) )


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I got some ok shots of the Sora today after Tracy refound it while I was enraptored at the fest.

Different bird than the bird Klemmens last photographed on the 4th.  More gray, yellower bill, black on the face.  Eyeline too.