Monday, October 20, 2014

Abundant is the word-Prospect

No doubt the most abundant bird today in Prospect were WHITE-THROATED SPARROWS,  about any weedy place you stumbled upon  .Loads of them . As I mentioned this morning's post, as I entered the park around 6:55 am  heading for work , about 300 White-throated Sparrows moved thru the breaking dawn lit lawn areas into the woods near the 16th Street entrance. Then there were HERMIT THRUSHES  popping up everywhere, in brush, in woods even lawns. Why even as I birded the West Woods restoration site on my lunch hour, even a HERMIT THRUSH on my Toro vehicle cargo wall as I looked from within the enclosure... ( nothing in my cargo hold fella.)

WINTER WREN took advantage of the brush piles of weeds that were pulled out from past weeks inside the West Woods, about 5-6 birds I observed.

A report from Karen O'Hearn alerted me via Tweet message a YELLOW-THROATED VIREO seen above the shipping containers at Vanderbilt Playground ( by the Vanderbilt Street park entrance)

Along the lake west shore, I found a SPOTTED SANDPIPER on the black plastic covering phragmites while kinglets, EASTERN PHOEBES, CHIPPING SPARROWS flew around  in the trees along the shoreline..

At Lamppost 249 at Well Drive picnic tables, single LINCOLN SPARROW and WHITE CROWNED SPARROWS with the sparrow assortment; also LINCOLNS at West Woods, and WHITE-CROWNED in "Sparrowbowl ", the vale north of the Tennis House with the assortment there as well.

Prospect Lake   most interesting species were two GREEN WINGED TEAL , hens or immatures from a short distance while I was cleaning up the south shoreline. Over 50 RUDDY DUCKS seen.

Its a great day if you like fall migration in dynamic waves..( but its a Monday, alas work no full day birding.)


From Sean Zimmer

Hi Peter,

West Woodland Restoration area very active this morning; I was there from about 7:45 to 8:15. 
The leaf litter and weeds were alive with White Throated Sparrows in large numbers.
Also seen:
- Eastern Towhee
- Golden Crowned Kinglet
- Yellowthroat
- Goldfinch
- Tufted Titmouse
- Blue-headed Vireo
- Hermit Thrush
- Flicker
- Chipping Sparrow
- Song Sparrow
- Juncos
- Phoebe

All the best on this birdy Monday!



From Orrin Tilevitz birding GW Cemetery

White crowned Sparrow Juvenile

Green-Wood Cemetery this morning.  Flickers were partying on the Central Ridge--dozens if not more, and sparrows were partying by the Sylvan Water; I picked out  white-crowned and field sparrows, but I didn't have time to look at all of them.  Here is what I saw in an hour or so:

Ruby-crowned kinglet
Downy woodpecker
Blue jay
White-throated sparrow
Hermit thrush
Wood duck (5 on Valley Water)
Canada goose
Northern flicker
Eastern phoebe
Song sparrow
White-breasted nuthatch
Red-bellied woodpecker
White-crowned sparrow
Palm warbler
Yellow-rumped warbler
Common yellowthroat
Chipping sparrow
Swamp sparrow
Winter wren
Mallard duck
Field sparrow
Northern mockingbird
American crow
Dark-eyed junco