Friday, October 24, 2014

Details on Nelsons Sparrow

Greetings from Rhode Island for some leaf peeping

On my off day ,a lucky one. Mary Eyster and I went to Greenwood Cemetery and wandered about.Hawks flew about ,seen from the Kiamie Cypyt near Battle Hill ,then we ventured to the Hill of Graves where we  discovered a great bird: NELSONS SPARROW.

Seen at the edge of the lawn under a mature cedar tree,the rare sparrow looked quite obvious in the sunlight where we were able to discern the field marks : blurry breast streaks on faded orange grey nape , no streaking in the wide orange supercilium,etc.

The spot was the first hill to the west of the Prospect Park West avenue cemetery entrance.Look for the 4 set of steps straight ahead take the path to the right.on the  left is the. Public lot where two large cedar trees stand,the right one the Nelsons fed under.

of other good sparrows,we sspotted LINCOLNS and FIELD with SWAMP by Sylvan Waters northwest shore.

Raptors flew well overhead with a pair of REDTAILED HAWKS taking to the sky. A great show by a MERLIN added suspense, two COOPERS HAWKS and a few TURKEY VULTURES fulfilled our raptor watch.

That's for now.I'm beat from the long drive "Escape from NY!"