Sunday, October 12, 2014

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Green-Wood Cemetery this morning.  5 woodpecker species, 4 warbler species, no house sparrows, no pigeons, and a total of 2 robins.

Woodpecker species were downy, red-bellied (many), northern flicker (many), red-headed (1 juvenile on Cypress just west of Heath Path), and yellow-bellied sapsucker (2).  Warbler species were common yellowthroat, yellow-rumped, black-throated blue, and black-throated green.

Other birds:

Blue jay
White-throated sparrow
Song sparrow
Eastern phoebe (many)
White-breasted nuthatch (many)
Chipping sparrow (many)
Canada goose
Dark-eyed junco (many)
Wood thrush
Wood duck
American goldfinch
Ruby-crowned kinglet
Gray catbird
Hermit thrush
Brown creeper
Northern mockingbird
Ruddy duck
Belted kingfisher
Great blue heron
Mourning dove
Monk parakeet
House finch
Red-tailed hawk