Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sparrows phhffft,Vesper stays true " Blue"

Devoid of sparrows today, two outstanding species assuaged the boredom .

The VESPER SPARROW continues its stay,sticking to the same spot birders have observed it,in Field 7 at the southwest corner of the Ballfields. It kept feeding along the grass edge with the dirt behind the right handed batting box at home plate. Must be a full plate of good seed there.

Then towards the other end of the ballfield southeast corner,in the Upper Pool Wildflower meadow,Rafael Campos sighted a female BLUE GROSBEAK, among a horde of AMERICAN GOLDFINCHES feeding on dried sunflower seeds.

If WOOD DUCK fancies your interest,there are up to twenty on the Upper Pool or on the large oak snag in the water at the back shore,quite handsome birds now in great plumage.