Saturday, October 20, 2018

A Prospect Park Mega boid like a Purple Gallinule equals a flash mob

Prospect's third PURPLE GALLINULE (the others 1985 and 2004) not surprisingly brought out the mobs. It has after all been 14 years such a species put in an appearance in NYC. I opted to bird Greenwood Cemetery in the morning to avoid the zaniness ; however I already had a commitment to bird with a friend elsewhere. But after so many morning reports particularly a bird that shows some purple, I came late in the afternoon to see this so called big celebrity.

For birders still hoping to see this mega boid Sunday, here's the details: the Purple Gallinule currently prefers the shoreline anywhere from the blue stone plaza towards the Music Island. Simply look for the War Memorial that I included a photo in a previous post below and search behind it. The memorial is due west of the Lefrak Rink complex on the lake shore.

When I arrived there around 4:15, I immediately spotted a small flash mob crowd,  a size more to my liking.Sean Sime the original finder of the bird late yesterday afternoon at the Peninsula point, was among the observers. Sean briefed me the Gallinule's location.After 10 minutes hiding, the bird emerged from the reeds out unto the water primrose matting, skipping along to various spots. It was mere feet from the shoreline at one point and actually coming towards the small flash mob! It eventually kept moving towards the plaza, disappearing into the native flora on the shore there. Linda Ewing and I went to the plaza where Klemens Gasser met us and re found the Gallinule walking along the water edge , with a brief outward movement on lily pads. If the bird stays overnight, focus on this stretch of shoreline towards the Music Island past the War Memorial.

While the megar rarity Gallinule took all the attention, a few folks noted nearby good birds. A LINCOLNS SPARROW shared the drier area of the shoreline with the Gallinule, exactly behind the memorial around 430 pm. Earlier, a reliable report of BLUE GROSBEAK ; a juvenile bird appeared somewhere in the general area.

I'll post my Greenwood Cemetery report soon.