Monday, October 22, 2018

What does the Prospect Purple Gallinule eat?

I was posed the question about the Prospect's Purple Gallinule diet this past weekend. I'm sure its eating frogs and snails and the like to sustain its diet. But a friend today who asked not to be named showed me a spectacular photo of our eminent celebrity.

When I took a mid morning break at the Lakeside Rink, I walked over to a couple of photographers I know. A friend photographer came up to me and show me a photo he took of the young Gallinule,a sharp close head shot.It's holding a young turtle! The turtle's beak and front of its head was bitten off. And its not just any turtle, its a PAINTED TURTLE! . OH great , of all the zillions of invasive Red Eared Sliders we have in Prospect Lake, it picks on an uncommon native Painted.Well at least we know one thing about Prospect Purple Gallinule: it has good taste!

The PURPLE GALLINULE continues its stay on the shore near the War Memorial, but expanding its feeding range a little bit. Birders I talked to says it was seen on the water flora in front of the Concert Grove wall ( where Lincoln sees outward but the gallinule a little low for him) .

Sparrow numbers look like it declined, many taken off for southern climes. I birded the Sparrowbowl at lunchtime and saw mostly WHITE-THROATED SPARROWS and little else. However , the continuing NELSONS SPARROW was observed at the War Memorial shoreline, on water plants says Rob Bate.

A COOPERS HAWK flew over Lookout Hill according to a coworker of mine.

But there's eager anticipation for the coming weeks regarding winter finches (as forecasted to be a good season). Karen O' Hearn reported a single PINE SISKIN among HOUSE FINCHES at the Hammerhead Peninsula , at the Lakes extreme southwest corner.