Friday, October 19, 2018

Fridays tidbits in Prospect

Two bird species stand out today,both connected to shoreline ,birds prospect sees infrequently,falling in the "rarity" class.

The first species spotted by Linda Ewing were two SEMIPALMATED SANDPIPERS. Found on the wall shoreline of the Lake's West shore, we see these birds every several years.

Then an afternoon report emanated out of the Peninsula,not mentioned exactly where was an immature SORA RAIL. Phil Hoff found it feeding out in the open. Here's hoping the sighting sticks around tomorrow.

Other than that, from quick glances there were very few active avian spots. On the west side of Roosevelt knob in North Long Meadow,I did see what looks like numbers of Chipping Sparrows flying up into the trees. However I was too busy working.

Paige Linden reported abundant bird and good raptor activity at Owls Head Park. This park is about 60 acres,small compared to Prospect's s 568; but small acreage condenses the bird movement and thereby offers more fun birding- you don't have to walk alot there!

Enjoy the weekend birding.