Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Rusties, Bluebird,Gallinule and a decent lunch

Before anybody gets the wrong impression from the headline, I repeat-- I didn't have any of those birds for lunch. Rather, what the strong wind bought in and kept down was the real situation.

At three RUSTY BLACKBIRDS were observed today.During a 25th anniversary tree planting for a Natural Resources supervisor at the Binnen Pool aroun 1130, Rob Bate passing by noticed two Rusties on the lawn behind the planting. They were coming out from beneath the Pagoda Dogwood tree, ripen with fruit. It seemed kind of funny the birds picked a spot where a party was happening. Then later at 115, a single RUSTY BLACKBIRD walked on the lawn at the mouth of the "Sparrowbowl" again pointed out to me by Rob Bate as I repaired a fence.

Information from Rob alerted me to good birds at the northeastern section of the Nethermead near Three Arches Bridge. Reported there by Rob  was EASTERN BLUEBIRD, FIELD SPARROW,  LINCOLNS SPARROW & NASHVILLE WARBLER. I hope to find at least the Bluebird after work.

Our PURPLE GALLINULE remains in town. According to Brooklyn Bird Alert twitter, its still in the same spot all along, the shoreline near the War Memorial at the Lefrak Lakeside Rink.

Last, a word about my decent lunch. AS usual , my close proximity to the Sparrowbowl & ballfields to my work office place, I found on my short hour  5 species sparrows and WINTER WREN. The Sparrowbowl had WHITE THROATED, SONG ,SWAMP SPARROWS& PURPLE FINCH female. Along the Tennis House south border , in the Mugwort and Smartweed line, a WINTER WREN popped out with a nice number of sparrows. Then venturing over to ball field 2 and 3, two WHITE CROWNED SPARROWS held company with a lone.SAVANNAH SPARROW, They were feeding  in the alley between the field dugouts.

A late word. Rob found a brief staying EASTERN MEADOWLARK on the Nethermead,a good flock of CHIPPING SPARROWS & flyover BALD EAGLE .

Over in Greenwood cemetery, Karen OHearn spotted 5 EASTERN BLUEBIRDS in the Sylvan Water area close to 8th Ave transection,signifying this species migratory movement now.