Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween birds

Topping the Halloween tweets ( or should it be treats? ) are a few good birds reported in Prospect. In a typical place one certainly want to spend their day is Greenwood Cemetery where a report mentioned good birding activity.

Beginning with Prospect,American Pipits are the top treat. Twitterer chef loughlin found a dozen bird on Prospects ballfields. Adding to the sighting ,a Red shouldered Hawk flew over.  An Eastern Bluebird continued at field 5.

Meanwhile at Greenwood, American Woodcock reign. Orrin teported 5 such birds near Central Ave near Myrtle Path. A report later on Brooklyn Bird Alert says there were lots of sparrows there includingAn amazing morning birding Greenwood Cemetery. Hundreds of sparrows including 4+ White-crowned, Field and Fox. American Woodcock, Blue-headed Vireo, 5 Pine Siskin, 6 Eastern Bluebird, 6 Red-shouldered Hawk, and 3 uAmerican Kestrel. A second report added VESPER SPARROW at Green-Wood Cemetery Dell Water.

I wouldn't be nervous birding Green wood today if I had the day off.

Happy Haunting!