Monday, May 6, 2019

A call,and a spark boid

While in the field cutting up a big broken limb on Flatbush Ave sidewalk, my boss gets a call from the turf manager about a "rare" bird at baseball  field #4. When we arrived we saw this bird just walking and hopping on the path.

The bird  totally oblivious of us our, though we see it walking next to us, obviously I recognized it might be stunned. Perhaps it hit the fence while chasing a bug. So i said let's get it into the woods section on the other side of the fence. So my boss tried to cupped it but it was elusive.However it hopped thru the fence. A moment later it flew up into a tree,a good sign it recovered.

It's not often to see that and even nicer to see my spark boid!

The photo of the SCARLET TANAGER was taken by my boss Mark A after the bird recovered.