Thursday, May 9, 2019

Drone nest infraction in Prospect Park


I been told by a birder that he witnessed some photographers photographing a raptor nest (that i wont reveal the location for obvious reasons) but what was egregious , one of the photographers was using a drone to take pics over the nest !

Drones in NYC parks are illegal. Even worse because it was used near a nest , its a violation of the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty act (MBTA) .

If you witness such misbehavior call Park Enforcement Patrol. I'm told though that the number usually used 728 437 1350 is useless ( a birder told me it rang 25 times no answer) The Central number is 646 613 1200

Otherwise call 311 and have them connect to PEP.

if you still cant connect , text me and I'll forward to my coworker Marty who has a personal number of a PEP Officer.

What more stupid stuff birds have to d go through.

Link to ethical rules  & MBTA

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918

Migratory Bird Treaty Act.
It is illegal to disturb an active nest, even if it is in an inconvenient location (like this morning dove nest on construction equipment), without a permit from the U.S. FWS and sometimes from the State also. Permits are seldom granted.
Many people do not know that the Migratory Bird Treaty Act makes it illegal to disturb the nest any native bird without a permit (see exceptions).
It is also illegal to collect or have in your possession live or dead non-game native birds (adults or young), bird feathers, nests or eggs, to try to incubate wild bird eggs, to keep nests or eggs even for "show and tell" educational purposes, or to have road-killed birds in your possession without a permit. (Note: Injured native birds should be brought immediately to a licensed, trained wildlife rehabilitator who handles songbirds. More info)
It is illegal to remove or move active nests, even if:
  • they are in an inconvenient location
  • the babies create piles of poop underneath the nest (like Barn Swallows)
  • they build an unsightly nest and drop pigeon and rat remains on the sidewalk in front of an upscale Fifth Avenue housing coop in NYC, ala the Pale Male Red-tailed Hawk.)
It is illegal to transport, trap or kill native non-game adult birds like Blue Jays or Mockingbirds without a permit, even if they are harassing birds at nestboxes or feeders.
Despite the title, the Act protects birds that are not considered "migratory" (like Mourning Doves and Chickadees).
Permits are seldom granted to individuals, even for research. A state permit may be required in addition to a federal permit - contact your State game warden/wildlife management agency for more information.