Friday, May 31, 2019

Flycatcher flurry

Image result for yellow-bellied flycatcher clip art

A MOURNING WARBLER report was sandwiched by several flycatcher reports, typical for those species moving through at this time.

The first report of the MOURNING WARBLER was a verbal one, a bird singing south of the Vanderbilt Playground along Prospect's border with Prospect Park Southwest Avenue as reported by Sean Sime.

Then several flycatcher reports from Sean and Paige Linden mentioned and  , notably OLIVE SIDED FLYCATCHER and YELLOW BELLIED FC in both Prospect and Greenwood Cemetery, The Olive sided were reported at : top of Lookout Hill; one at Greenwood's Hillside Ave; yet another at Vernal Ave or path. The YELLOW BELLIED were reported at : Lamppost 249 at Well Drive; one at Greenwood's Larch Avenue; one YB off Ivy Path also in Greenwood. Last an ALDER FLYCATCHER accompanied the YB at Lamppost 249.

Enjoy your weekend...