Tuesday, May 7, 2019

few birds on a south wind

For a south wind last night, low surprisingly activity was the name of the game. Its not the rarity that birders anticipate but the numbers that usually accompany a good wind. Who can explain migration?

With the lack of numbers, two Prospect  PROTHONOTARY WARBLERS did their best to assuage the paucity of birds. Mike Yuan very early reported one at the backwater of Upper Pool; the other he reported at the Ambergill Falls before the Rock arch bridge. 

Shift a little towards the Lower Poll back gate, a WHITE EYED VIREO,a female HOODED WARBLER and a continuing WORM EATING WARBLER are hot items. 

And notably, two PINE SISKINS were seen in this morning high in oaks on Lookout Hill

On the latter species, venturing to Brooklyn Bridge park, Worm-eating Warbler also reported today in Pier 1 per Heather Wolf

Meanwhile at Owls Head Park in Sunset Park nabe, Shane Blodgett had two good birds. Along the bike trail, a female BLUE GROSBEAK and a HOODED WARBLER were decent reports. Otherwise, all quiet for the day.

There's always another day for birding.....