Friday, May 24, 2019

Still good Migration

If one is content with the now diminished migration as peak is far past, there is still satisfactory seeing with several notable species in Prospect today.

My friend Ed Crowne came up to me as I was making my work rounds. At the east end of Center drive  a robust cheery singing PROTHONOTARY WARBLER was music to Ed's ears. The bird stayed put along that stretch most of the morning.

Two BLACK VULTURES flew over Prospect Lake.

At Terrace Bridge  at peak time for empidonax flycatchers an ALDER FLYCATCHER kept it up with its calling. It's important to know the call notes to distinguish the four eastern empids.

In the Midwood, a likely BICKNELLS THRUSH almost identical to Gray Cheeked thrush before the species was split by the AOU usually give itself away with its chip song.

And since we are in the breeding season both SCARLET TANAGER and INDIGO BUNTING were observed carrying nesting material at Butterfly Meadow. It's reassuring to know my spark boid tanager wants to settle down here.

Enjoy your holiday weekend.

Follow-up: since my post these were reports I've read

A first year Summer Tanager at Butterfly meadow Lookout Hill lower top meadow

A Yellow bellied FLYCATCHER ( an empud) at the peninsula thumb base woods where another Alder FLYCATCHER was reported earlier

The Prothonotary Warbler moved to the bridle trail binnen Creek the west side of Lily Pool

Another Black Vulture flyover