Monday, May 6, 2019

Greenwood is greener

Greenwood cemetery continues to pull in the good birds particularly when it involves a goatsucker. And as it has been the hottest locale there,the Dellwater is the place to go.

This morning,a WHIP-POOR-WILL was discovered sleeping on a branch near the beehives,on the southwest side of the pond. It's a great bird to see.

PINE SISKINS we're also reported in GWC.

Meanwhile over in Prospect,
CERULEAN and HOODED WARBLERS take top mentions. CERULEAN was heard singing over the Hammerhead peninsula the land double spit on the east side of West was not seen. In likely a second CERULEAN, this bird was also heard by a top birder but the bird stayed high up over the Boulder Bridge.

Speaking of the bridge a HOODED WARBLER found it's way here.

As it gets hard to write everything heard or seen during peak migration,I stressed the highlights. Birds are everywhere given the right winds and weather factors. Look at the prospect hotspot checklist . For further details,click on the species date and the observer's checklist will show.

It's best now to simply get out if you have the time