Saturday, May 8, 2021

Birdathon day of the non competitive kind

On this dreary day with on and off light rain drops, a busy day. Though I will get a report of the team totals,this post covers some sighrings of the casual
Birder. Likely some I read are Team sightings. It doesn't matter so here goes.

At least one team total known was the Saturday BBC walk led by Dennis in Prospect. The total was 80 species,not bad for the crappy day and unfavorable north winds.

From a lone birder, a SUMMER TANAGER was spotted at the West Island crosswalk by the bridle trail.

Evening Grosbeaks continue their rare presence . A pair hung out at Lookout Hill along west edge of Butterfly Meadow. I presume its the elm seeds they devour. .

Another Grosbeak was reported but of a different color: Blue. One appeared at the back platform overlook at Lily Pool in an unusual setting for this species. The bird was classified as a female.

Like the evening grosbeak, another winter finch irruptive is heading back. A pair of PINE SISKINS stuck around opposite the Wellhouse on the Peninsula,feeding with gold finches.

Late birds for the season were also seen.The species : Winter Wren,Yellow bellied  Sap sucked and Louisiana Water thrush.The latter warbler showed up at Fallkill Falls and the siskins spot.

No doubt warblers are beloved pursuits. These colorful birds strike our fancy. Its likely at least twenty two I'm guessing seen with all the birders out. These are highlights: a CERULEAN reported high up in the Vale Cashmere; HOODED continues on Lookout Hills west slope; ORANGE CROWNED at the Vale Cashmere water pump; WORM EATING somewhere..

Over in Greenwood Cemetery, Rover the eagle continues to haunt the grounds there. I was at GWC early in the morning staking out the Dellwater drip. There were a decent few warblers including a nice displayng male American Restart. At Cypress and vine magical spruce I spotted an elusive Red breasted.Nut hatch. The other highlights thanks to team Goldberg, a gorgeous INDIGO BUNTING by the Grassy Path; as we watched the bunting, three low flying COMMON LOONS flew over.

More reports later! 

" Preserve and cherish the pale blue dot,the only home we've ever known"

                                                                            --Carl Sagan