Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Water is the essential need of life

Without water, living things perish. With this thought in mind ,on my workday, my strategy on my free time was visiting the Prospect renown waterholes.

The first lucky break I had occurred at Rick's Place water spot. This is the bridle trail which has a large depression and plenty of water and cover produced two nice birds. ( There's actually two depressions) . First an adult male Indigo Bunting appeared. Right after that a handsome Rose breasted Grosbeak male was the closer bird as I stood in the shadows. Add a cardinal male and we have color! 

 There was a reported Hooded Warbler here but unfortunately it was a no show . In likelihood as too many people passed thru on this bridle trail, it was spooked or skittish.

However my best was yet to come. I normally don't go to the Vale of Cashmere after work from my Tennis House office as it's not in direct line to home. But earlier Eni and Vinny Falci told me that the leaky water pump and fountain attracts birds in the later afternoon.

Upon arrival, I sat on a bench in front of that water fountain. Water is essential , but unfortunately nothing came to the small puddles due to high human presence. But I did see above a great looking Prairie Warbler. So after that sighting I took a walk towards the VALE pool. And the first thing on the wall next to the blossomed red Azaleas a White crowned Sparrow pops up. And that opened a little floodgate as I observed  in succession White eyed Vireo, the female Cape May Warbler ( chased by a Magnolia warbler) , and the prized female Evening Grosbeak. The latter came down to drink. ( On an earlier visit during rounds, I watched an Eastern Kingbird dipped to sip from a branch in the water). Moments later on the tip of a cherry sapling a female Purple Finch was joined by American Goldfinches and the Cape May.

On the last leg homebound, I ran into my friend birder Maude opposite the Well Drive picnic area. She pointed to a shorebird between the reeds. And the last quality bird of my late afternoon excursion ? Solitary Sandpiper in the water. Of course! ,💦💧🚰