Wednesday, May 12, 2021

May 12th briefs

Summer Tanagers grabbed the spot light today on an average birding day. A few  local parks infrequently mentioned  benefited from a good bird.

In Greenwood Cemetery a molting mostly green Summer Tanager was reported by Charles Tang at Crescent Water.But not so with an adult male summer tanager  -all red- at Brooklyn Bridge Park pier 1 habitat.

Brooklyn Bridge pier one was good today. Besides the summer tanager, Orchard Oriole adult male and Great Crested Flycatcher added quality.

Even Brooklyn Botanic Garden has delighted a birder. Yellow Warbler in the Cranford Garden, Scarlet tanagers and late Louisiana Waterthrush -- both in the Native section-- makes a 

Back to Greenwood ,a singing Bobolink caught Ryan G' s ear at the Hill of Graves near the East entrance.

Finally winter finches stick around in Prospect. Pine Siskins stay put by the Wellhouse either in the large oaks in front or across the drive foraging on the ground or trees there. 11 were reported. And Evening Grosbeaks continue over Quaker Cemetery's main gate on Center Drive.