Monday, May 17, 2021

Second chances

Over the weekend, I was hoping to get more than a 2 second look at a Vale Cashmere Canada Warbler. Today with a second bird,I got way more enough time to enjoy this species.

On my coffee break I elected to take a quick look at the Esdale Bridge. In hope for of yesterday's Mourning Warbler, instead of that one day wonder,a Canada Warbler has the stage today. Birders there pointed it out to me and I estimated at least a full minute enjoyment of this Canada Warbler. It flew between creek shore shrub branches and it even scampered along one branch. Nature has given me a second chance ; I'm glad for that gift for this pretty bird.

Later I went back to the Esdale Bridge on my lunch hour. I didn't see any Warblers but was glad to see a GRAY CHEEKED THRUSH  (type) perched in the Gray--yes so named--Dogwood in the creek middle.

 Years ago, I dug the right trench to divert water and planted that dogwood to make slower water and shrubbery appealing. Furthermore I thew in alot of small boulder stones into the water. Glad that worked out.

I was hoping to find Bay breasted Warblers before they are gone. Running into birders one told me she saw one bathing in Rick's Place bridle path waterhole. Drat,I completely forgot about that spot.

Oh, thanks to Charles Tang, who called after me on my coffee break to alert me of a termite Hatchout. That opportunity close to the Esdale Bridge got me to watch my " spark boid" a male Scarlet Tanager. It's hard to believe that tanager sighting in my backyard of my Wallabout nabe happened way back in 1975-- forty six years ago. Time sure flies!