Monday, May 10, 2021

Midday action in PP

It appeared after a heavily cloudy morning birds picked up in scattered locations in Prospect. Some spots worth mentioning was the Litchfield Villa area,  Peninsula,and the Ambergill Creek at Esdale Bridge. I'm not going to be able to cover everything but if you look at the Ebird Prospect checklist,this will help give you information what's around .

My friend Will who comes into the park on his lunch break said the Villa woods was good. Besides a number of Warblers including Nashville, he had a great  view of three male Rose breasted Grosbeak in front of him. Typically I opine that end of day birding is best in West and north woods as birds stage to lift off come evening.

Earlier I ran into Ryan M and after his hearing two Evening Grosbeaks above Butterfly Meadow,Ryan said the Peninsula pink beach was good. Canada and Nashville Warblers found him; I went soon after for a quick look. Though I didn't see Ryan's birds, nevertheless I was happy to see Parula, Black & white , Magnolia  and Common Yellowthroat Warblers in that area. On my first day back from vacation it seems I had more success today with warblers in a quicker time span than my vacation days.

On my own time though, I spent a little time observing the water pool at Esdale Bridge. The Ambergill runs thru this section and a few bright Yellow  rumped Warblers had their way. Their plumage is a dramatic contrast from winter. Besides those two, a pair of male Black throated Blue Warblers crashed in as well. After work I revisted the Esdale, and this time saw American Redstart and Swainsons Thrush.

And finally I just had to chase a Wilson's Warbler . Kathy Toomey had tweeted this bird by Well drive picnic area,also know as Lamppost249. My friend Dan H found the bird in the Marsh across the road. But boy what a pickle it was trying to see this hyper Wilson's through the Mulberry. Thanks to Vinny I was able after many tries despite harsh light to see it quickly. But after birders left, I stuck around. My patience paid off as once I found it in my bins ,I was able to stay on it for 20 seconds more as it went from Mulberry to River Birch.

Kathy T also reported a few Bank Swallows on Prospect Lake , seen from the Peninsula thumb.Her keen spotting also found Solitary Sandpiper at Binnen Run /pool northeast of the Nethermead.