Friday, May 14, 2021


A slow day this morning was remedied later by termite hatchouts. Unlucky for me but cool for birders who showed alot of patience.

One major hatchout area took place on the Lookout Hill slope below the Maryland Monument. According to Rob B Scarlet Tanager ,BLACKBURNIAN and BAYBREASTED WARBLER caught wind of the bugs, among a variety of birds.

A second reported Hatchout occurred near there Nethermead Osage Orange tree ( with the iron bar). Scarlet Tanager and BLACKBURNIAN warbler appeared here as well.

In Greenwood whether a Hatchout or not, HOODED and BAYBREASTED WARBLER were reported;The former on the Azalea path near Locust and Southwood avenues; the latter spit of the Hazel Path by Cypress Avenue.

On another note, the timing and luck of the location helps. Kathy Toomey' hit it right with the birdy morning Peninsula. See her checklist on my previous post.

Where's there is birding boredom,look for the bugs!