Friday, May 28, 2021

Mourning period( of a good kind )

The day is hopping with Mourning Warblers! Typically a furtive challenging species to find in dense brush,today four reports revealed otherwise.

An early report of Mourning Warbler started at Binnen Pool. Situated at the eastern edge of the Nethermead,the water course here makes a very attractive magnet for the species. Ed Crowne was the finder. Ed.again found yesterday's bird at the Switchback trail near the Maryland Monument..Then a report came out one waa relocated at the Peninsula thumb area.This was the same bird from the Thursday BBC walk. Its likely two birds for Prospect.

To the north, Brooklyn Bridge park boasted a Mourning as well. Mike Yuan found one at Pier One western lawn.

If fly catchers interests you, a couple of nice ones today. Two Olive sided fly catchers  together were seen on the tall snag above Maryland Monument according to Doug Gochfeld. An Acadian continues to sing in the confines of the Peninsula.. Another Acadian also sang and showed off at Greenwood Cemetery Vernal Path ( or Avenue?)

Good luck birding this rainy weekend.

" Preserve and cherish the pale blue dot,the only home we've ever known"

                                                                            --Carl Sagan