Sunday, May 16, 2021

Sundays summary

 From the reports I forwarded earlier it's no secret what birds has been the celebrity today. And what a show I read it put on!

At the Esdale bridge that the Ambergill flows under, a MOURNING WARBLER forgot it was supposed to be skulky. Instead it expressed itself generously. The water spot is very attractive to Warblers and birds where this section of the stream runs Slow (to the right) favoring birds. I read many birders saw the Mourning and counted it as a lifer. Once in moon you get a furtive bird that wants to show off.

The other highlight regarded a BICKNELLS THRUSH. Heard and best identified by its song to distinguish from the Gray cheeked thrush, the bird hung out along the Flatbush ave berm of the park, opposite the Grand Army Plaza Library.

In other news , Owls Head Park had a female BLUE GROSBEAK uphill from the dog run area.