Thursday, April 7, 2016

1st parula, and a loony bird, and a cemetery snipe

Linda Ewing birded this morning and per her tweets reported the first NORTHERN PARULA WARBLER at the Terrace Bridge.It was in a Forsythia bush.Pretty soon the rest of those warblers will follow.

That REDTHROATED LOON continues to defy logic, here for the 12th straight day on Prospect Lake, A loony bird for staying so long.

Also, likely the WHITE-EYED VIREO stayed over, seen in the Ambergill area, I presumed at the pool.

A good morning for Linda.

I just received a noon time text message now from Matthew Wills

At Greenwood Cemetery Sylvan water road  (5TH Ave side) , a WILSON'S SNIPE is feeding but was flushed to a nearby hedgerow by a passing vehicle.