Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Today's Prospect migratory good birds.

There were some good birds to see in Prospect, a benefit of some southerly wind and air flow. The BBC walk got to see a few of those good ones.

The best songbird was the continuing ORANGE CROWNED WARBLER at southwestern Lookout Hill . The warbler was spotted by the BBC walk group led by Rob Bate from the middle path above the Well Drive shipping containers

Otherwise, if raptors ( well actually a scavenger ) pique your interest, a high flying BLACK VULTURE  drifted over and soared above the Upper Pool around my lunchtime. It eventually drifted northward , high over the Picnic House, its pointed whitish wing diamonds showing well.

The BBC walk group also benefited with sighting of RUSTY BLACKBIRD and LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH. Both these species were seen in the Amber gill Pool section and the general area wherever water flowed.On my lunch hour , thanks to Peter Colen's hearing , we refound the Rusty BB at the back shore of the Ambergill, mostly hidden under brambles, flipping leaves.

Otherwise if you love YELLOW RUMPED WARBLERS & PALM WARBLERS,  they are easily found now;Or guaranteed to intersect those species somewhere.

other birds reported:  WINTER WREN,BLACK AND WHITE WARBLER,BLUE HEADED VIREO in Prospect, LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden native Flora section