Friday, April 22, 2016

Today is..... something for the planet..its the only one we live on....

Sunup birding.

A mostly inactive first half of birding from sunup , until the last 20 minutes before I reported to work at 7. Typical species I found in and around Lookout Hill top habitats. Most prominently , EASTERN TOWHEE flew through the brush at the south end of Butterfly Meadow, first a mixed pair , then another male along the west slope, with several HERMIT THRUSHES following them. In the Butterfly Meadow elm grove, RUBY CROWNED KINGLET, YELLOW RUMPED WARBLERS, PALM WARBLER, BLACK & WHITE WARBLER were present. Small flocks of RED WINGED BLACKBIRDS overhead with one flock coming down to feed in the oak at the summit.

Noon time update >reports from Rob Bate and Kathy Toomey : WOOD THRUSH in middle Ambergill ( Ravine); 2 GREEN HERONs in Lower Pool ; NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH on the Peninsula meadow first marsh ( along lake) . First season SPOTTED SANDPIPER at Peninsula Pink beach ( K Ohearn), then lake side of Peninsula meadow 12 :05 .Later BALTIMORE ORIOLE (OBS: dh, bm, kc)

Towhee , photo Steve Nanz