Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Quick passage but Prospect shorebirds surprises

Yesterday's quality day of numbers in Prospect diminished today but instead a couple of good shorebirds as well as a few good warblers salvaged  an otherwise slower day.

Today is Prospect's offering of shorebirds. The Lily Pool ( by the boathouse) with its small mudflat treated birders with a wonderful looking SOLITARY SANDPIPER working in the water .With its prominent eye ring and darker back, it stood out well from the back water viewing platform. I just received a tweet report of WILSON'S SNIPE  reported by Kathy Toomey at 1:55. It was seen on the black plastic covering the phragmites inside the Peninsula hand , the cove that last weekend had the Greater Yellowlegs. And then earlier, Karen O'hearn reported about 7  SPOTTED SANDPIPERS in and around the Peninsula: 2 on the shoreline were joined by 4 more Spotteds flying across the Lake.This day I believe one of the best days for shorebirds in Prospect I remember in a long time.

Some continuing good warblers prevailed. Today's observations included WORMEATING, BLACKBURNIAN  along the south path below Butterfly Meadow, LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH at Lily pool sharing with the Solitary Sandpiper, as well as a NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH at the same mudflat.

Other good birds to mention is YELLOW THROATED VIREO at Butterfly Meadow;  and a hen GREEN WINGED TEAL in Prospect Lake.ORANGE CROWNED WARBLER continues its long spell.( I presumed its still at Lookout Hill lamppost 249 at the slouth slope , correct me if I'm wrong)