Friday, April 15, 2016

Prospect notes

Two birds of note today in Prospect.

The first bird , BROWN THRASHER of Lookout Hill found by Ed Crowne at the Maryland Monument was seen singing later at Butterfly Meadow. Along with Daisy who refound it, me and Karen Ohearn watched the high perched thrasher sing aloud ( except to me) from the north end of Lookout's Butterfly meadow, to the road leading down to the Monument.

The second is the rare spring ORANGE- CROWNED WARBLER. This bird moved from yesterday the Lookout southwest corner ( or Lamppost 249 ) vicinity to the Peninsula meadow , found by Paige Linden. The early afternoon warbler was singing I presumed from the Willow Oak, the largest tree down there from the tweet description.

Enjoy the warm and hopefully birdier weekend.