Sunday, April 24, 2016

Its all yellow on the Peninsula

Yellow is the color on Prospect's Peninsula today.And why? Three species bearing the color were spotted ,three rare species for the park and a good thing as birding was slow. When you have those days especially when it's chilly north winds, the few great birds saved an otherwise dull day.

The first report  came in of a YELLOW THROATED WARBLER. This bird was spotted on the Peninsula thumb. I was over in Greenwood cemetery at the time just after seeing a YELLOW THROATED VIREO by Dellwater. Then a report of that species the vireo came through seen on the Peninsula tip. Joshua Malbin and Ryan Candee observed these two species.

After my Greenwood tour,I headed over to the Peninsula. Several other birder s came in as my intention to look for the Yellow throated Warbler. We didn't get any luck there, but the vireo was heard, a bright YELLOW THROATED VIREO at the base of the thumb.

As is often the case and some luck, more birders more eyes mean maybe another good bird.I was the lucky guy, spotting a GREATER YELLOWLEGS on the black plastic covering phragmites in the cove ( or in the hand as the peninsula is shaped ) before it flew to the tip. This species is rare for Prospect,the first seen since 2013. Here are other records below of less than 15 reports historically. SPOTTED SANDPIPER hung out in the same spot with the Yellowlegs. At the tip ,two drab PINE WARBLERS were observed.

On my Greenwood personal tour, quiet time did have a few nice birds. Besides my Yellow throated Vireo, FIELD SPARROW and flyover COMMON RAVEN appeared on the "south flats " of the cemetery. A BELTED KINGFISHER flew over the Dellwater.