Monday, April 11, 2016

and now Fort Greene has a LARK SPARROW too??

In  a mini Patagonia picnic table effect** for a small park , today's Fort Greene continuing gem of YELLOW THROATED WARBLER was joined by a LARK SPARROW!! South meets the Midwest!

This afternoon , a LARK SPARROW was found by Gus Keri, downhill from the high up Visitors Center which is also the Urban Park Rangers office.Presumably, its likely the East slope or north slope where sparrows mingled inside a short chain link fence that previously had Field Sparrow yesterday with other sparrows. I await more details and possibly photos.

Amazing to see Fort Greene shining right now....


Patagonia Picnic Table Effect

Part of speech: noun
Definition: a phenomenon that occurs when one rare bird draws a bevy of birders to an area, resulting in more interesting species being discovered in the same locale.
Used in a sentence: After Regina tweeted about a Pink-footed Goose on Long Island, birders went into a frenzy, resulting in a Patagonia Picnic Table Effect and a rare Cassin’s Kingbird sighting.

Update. Lark sparrow was found within the chain link enclosure  behind the visitors center.east slope