Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Swallow day and spark

Today was "swallow" day in Prospect Park. The lake teemed with a moderate number of swallows that included 4 species. Furthermore,after my dental appointment I saw my "spark" bird  during my lunch hour.

Under very chilly morning conditions and cloudy sky that suited right for the swallow species, 4 species were observed. With numerous BARN SWALLOW the main draw, a single BANK slipped in with NORTHERN ROUGH WINGED  and TREE SWALLOWS throughout Prospect Lake.

Mid morning I had to go to the dentist again. Coming back just before lunchtime, there's nothing like seeing my spark bird, that started my birding career, like a spectacular male SCARLET TANAGER. Going back and forth , sometimes landing on the oak trunks, puzzlingly, the great looking bird hung along the back shore of Upper Pool for other birders to see. In the same oak grove, several ROSE BREASTED GROSBEAKS also chimed in. There was also  Rose Breasted Grosbeak reported at Vanderbilt playground.Also spotted in the Rocky Pass area, a gorgeous looking BLACKTHROATED GREEN WARBLER. On the Lower Pool, Linda Evans pointed out a SOLITARY SANDPIPER walking among the Lily Pads.

Speaking of the Solitary , it flew off though through the Ravine. However , Tripper mentioned to me that it was spotted back at its old haunt , the Lily Pool , from the Viewing Platform.

Other notables: YELLOW THROATED VIREO, in the Peninsula and Teacup Island site( KO'Hearn) ;MARSH WREN singing from the Peninsula phragmites ( T Preston) very early just after 630.