Friday, April 8, 2016

Prospect morning ofthe LOWA

LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH (LOWA) made its first Prospect appearance this morning. A somewhat elusive bird, it appeared in a reliable location, the Ravine, today usually along the creek or on the path above. The first report came from Mike Yuan of this bird singing.

I later saw the waterthrush with help from Rob Jett at the Little Rock Arch Bridge which spans the Ambergill Falls. Seen along the creek, it flew up to the path in front of us before taking off again into the Ambergill Pool and Creek. It wasn’t seen or reported again the rest of the morning.

Meanwhile at the Esdale Bridge, some birding activity that countered this heavy overcast cold day. In a blooming red maple, two bright PINE WARBLERS with one breaking off into lower branches does justice with the warblers colors more vibrant than against the dreamy colorless sky. Also seen at the Esdale Bridge: a BROWN CREEPER, WHITE BREASTED NUTHATCH, HERMIT THRUSH and a pair of RUBY CROWNED KINGLETS.

Later in the morning, when I checked the Upper Pool, there’s 4 WOOD DUCKS. Two mixed pairs, Wood ducks have been a mainstay at the Upper or Lower Pools for much of the early spring. Unfortunately the Wood Duck Box has fallen down the pole on the island. I’m hoping it can be raised up in time for any potential nesting.