Wednesday, March 1, 2017

a world of wood ducks

WOOD DUCKS abound in Prospect Park this afternoon,exactly 22 birds split between Upper Pool and Prospect Lake. Flashing their wonderful plumage,its a good number and a good sighting to watch in the park.

The Upper Pool won out with the Wood duck numbers. Lined up along the back shore or in nearby waters were 15 birds. Later as I swung by the lake,I counted 7 more wading near 3 Sisters islands.I definitely will get flagged on Cornell Ebird,but heck,its migration.

An added bonus on the Lake regards the RING NECKED DUCK. Ryan Goldberg mentioned the number of 8 birds,split evenly by gender when i met him by Upper pool. And sure enough by Southwest Prospect Lake ,those Ring necks sailed boldly. Close by along West Island shores the long residing SNOW GEESE remained. Out in the làke,the pair of PIED BILLED GREBEs stayed close.