Thursday, March 2, 2017

Blustery day blows out the birds

A blustery day blows out the birds, as I could see the lake cleared out in the middle, ducks, geese and coots seeking the windbreak shelters. Even whitecaps could be seen on the lake, perhaps a good day for kite surfing.

Evident of the strong winds could be seen of yesterday's Wood Ducks and Ring Necked duck numbers. The day before total of 22 Wood Ducks dropped down to 8, our winter long total, seen on the Upper Pool. A one day wonder as 14 other Wood Ducks were in a hurry, migrants on a single day passage. The same spoken for the Ring Necked Ducks , down to three I saw at the West Island from the 8 seen yesterday. Coots though seem to be in no hurry to leave as I counted 24 today, most of them in the Lullwater Cove by Terrace Bridge, the rest by West Island Shelter where also remained the Snow Geese pair that seem they don't want to go north anytime soon. City life suits them?