Monday, March 13, 2017

Im a happy camper,,

I'm a happy camper. All because after frustrating attempts to see the Prospect NORTHERN GOSHAWK perched, I got my wish. All because of Paige Linden-Brams' timely 10:43 tweet of the perched big raptor at the Prospect feeders.

The mid-morning tweet got my blood rushing. At the Upper Pool looking at the Wood Duck box, I gun my Toro vehicle like a drag racer thru the Ravine. At max speed over the Nethermead crappy potholed road , not caring if the bumper and parts fall off, with my co-worker passenger at wits end as I rushed there, I stopped way before the feeders to avoid spooking that Goshawk. After parking by the Maryland Monument I jogged over the Terrace Bridge and see Paige still there. And she pointed upward. Thinking it was inside the woods above the feeders, it was actually perched in the wide open above the fence where folks look at feeder birds. An astounding excellent look at the close high up big bird ; all sun splashed and cooperative . It was patience and multiple attempts well rewarded for me. So I'm eternally grateful to Paige for that timely opportune tweet ( that I set up Twitter for that purpose for the birders here to pay me back with good Kings birds.)

The Goshawk stay perched for a good 10 minutes the several of us were there. It finally took off in a powered flight that elicited awe from us, a hard determined flight towards Music Island direction before we saw it banked left and downward towards the Concert grove. I'm hoping the seven RING-NECKED DUCKs by the Peninsula tip are aware there's a GOS around.

( Smiling ...)