Monday, March 13, 2017

Update on Prospect Goshawk

Sean Sime tweeted out on the What App mobile alert (like Twitter)  that at 11:31 the GOSHAWK was seen plucking a blackbird in a pine tree on Breeze Hill's south slope. At 11:50 the GOS was flushed by a passing parks truck and it flew with its prey towards the Well Drive ship containers, whether its the Terrace Br or the two farther down.

Nevertheless, to our delight , it's sticking around.Now, will it be hardy for the big snowstorm coming ? [It might as well stick around]  But generally, this Gos' hunting ground is Breeze Hill towards the Terrace Bridge for perches. Stick close to the drive by the feeders and certainly that will increase your chances seeing this majestic Accipiter.

Overshadowed by the Gos, I neglected to mention this morning the 2 KILLDEER. They are on the Parade Ground field 1 behind the Tennis Center bubble.I saw them from the central path; when I went over to the west side, both Killdeer moved towards the baseball diamond side where I was previously near. They must have suspected I was coming...