Monday, May 1, 2017

They're in the 'Hood

HOODED WARBLERS descended in a few Prospect park "neighborhoods" a total of 4 sightings reports. Besides that warbler species, a few other made their encroachment as well.

First report of HOODED WARBLER came first from Matt Beck. He reported one at the Terrace Bridge, along the west Lullwater. Then an hour or so later, I ran into Linda Ewing; she reported two separate reports, one at north Midwood, by the Y fork paths, and the other just below Ricks Place at the Midwood border. Then at lunch time, standing by Esdale Bridge was Shane Blodgett, who reported HOODED WARBLER at the Ambergill Creek. A good showing today of this species.

Meanwhile at Ambergill Creek, Shane showed me pictures of two quality warblers in terms of their colorful plumages BLACK THROATED GREEN and BLACKBURNIAN  that came down to the water. The Blackburnian flamed throat was outstanding.

Other warblers were reported as well. CAPE MAY WARBLER at Lamppost 249 Well Drive ( Karen O'Hearn); WORM-EATING at west side Quaker Cemetery  ( Richard Payne, Karen) and NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH  at both Ambergill creek and Lower Pool back gate.

A YELLOW BILLEE CUCKOO popped in as well, appearing at west side Quaker Cemetery slope, as reported by Ricahrd and Karen.

Apparently Blue Grosbeak heard I was coming so it took off as no reports of it today.I did see GREEN HERON at the Upper Pool Island. and that's good enough for my lunch hour.

If I missed anything, blame it still on Turbulent jet lag.....