Monday, May 3, 2021

Manic Monday

A bad day if you had to work Monday because it was bird manic in our parks most evidently in Greenwood Cemetery. Since the cemetery outshone Prospect regarding numbers and good quality,I'll focus with GWC.

From Central Ave ridge in perfect eye level view of the oaks canopy , a fallout concentrated along this ridgeline . Multiple warblers could be seen with Cape Mays figuring in prominently. In different areas, BLACKBURNIAN,WILSONS ,PROTHONOTARY, HOODED,& PRAIRIE Warblers were noted.  A large movement of Yellow rumped Warblers was observed.

Of Greenwoods fame for birds, the Dellwater really shone. A KENTUCKY WARBLER entertained birders playing hide and seek behind the wood chips piles as well as a male HOODED WARBLER following suit along with WORM EATING on the curvy slope. I saw luckily the last two species after my morning stint at my less birdier Prospect ( my bad luck 😆). Also in the Dellwater, Wilson's, Magnolia , Black throated Green accompanied Rose breasted Grosbeak. I don't have all the information but you get the picture of the quality reported there.

Not to knock Prospect as it had birds, there are several observations. The Vale Cashmere appeared hot with a two female EVENING GROSBEAKs feeding up on the elm trees. Cape May Warblers also surfaces in a number of spots,including the Rose Garden above the birdy Vale. A quick look at the checklust looks easily 20 species Warblers.

Prospect also showed some " blue" technically speaking. A first year Blue Grosbeak briefly showed up in Butterfly Meadow. Indigo Buntings was somewhere. 

 A surprising ORANGE CROWNED WARBLER joined in the party at the Vale Cashmere. See the photo in the PP checklist . Also a nice appearance : flyover NORTHERN HARRIER.

And a last note: be sure to visit the mudhole on the bridle trail next to Rick's Place.. I was informed that migrating birds visited this mudspot to bath. I have to kick myself for forgetting this spot but everything happens on a whim.

So far Greenwood Cemetery recorded 103 species.

PP list