Thursday, May 6, 2021

Prospect briefs

Today as the chill remains, the windy day did produce several good sightings.

Near the Quaker Cemetery likely the main entrance, it was Grosbeak heaven. Ryan M reported three species in a tree over the entrance : Evening, Rose breasted and Blue. That's quite a triple catch!

Three Evening Grosbeaks two female and a male continue in the Vale Cashmere feeding high up.

Across the road from Quaker cemetery, a Hooded Warbler was heard calling up the Lookout Hill slope in dense brush.

Staying with Lookout, Black Billes Cuckoo chimed in. It was spotted on the midslope path above the Wellhouse. Another was reported at Upper Pool.

Now some good warbler rarity. The Prothonotary warbler sticks around if not the same one ,at Peninsula rustic shelter or the tip. Then an interesting good sighting of Orange crowned warbler. Location details were not given but the Ebird map link says at the west end of Lullwater Bridge. Likely it's the trail heading for the Lullwater cove..

On a side note Greenwood Cemetery continues to see Rover the eagle at Crescent water.