Sunday, May 2, 2021

Prospect Park, Kings County, NY, US - eBird Hotspot 

A good day for Sunday birding as I read the latest checklist for Prospect.

Birders collectively saw 104 species including a fantastic 20 species Warblers with some good ones in there.

The best of the Warblers was highlighted by a singing Kentucky Warbler heard on Lookout Hill's northwest slope. It made its way up to the slope between the summit and Butterfly Meadow. Last it was reported on the south descending path below Butterfly Meadow.

Also heard or seen on Lookout south slope was a Hooded Warbler. Else where , Chestnut- sides,Black throated Blue,Blue- winged, Cape May,Louisiana waterthrush and Pine Warblers were reported.

Furthermore other rarities were seen. Most prominently an Evening Grosbeak was spotted by 3 Sisters Islands by Kiki; a female EVENING Grosbeak found by Dennis appeared in the Vale Cashmere.Continuing Yellow tones ,a Yellow throated VIREO and Orchard Oriole ( female) surfaced. 

Of a different plumage, flyover Broadwinged Hawk ,Rose breasted Grosbeak added to a nice list.

Over in Greenwood Cemetery, a few sparrows got my notice as I took a family drive to see the blooming azaleas. As I forget where there was an adult WHITE crowned Sparrow; and while driving south of the Hillside Mauseleum I flushed up at least a 100 Chipping Sparrows feeding on the road beneath the oak trees