Monday, March 30, 2015

COMMON LOON in Prospect Lake

A great ending to my work day. Stopping at the lake to show some good ducks to my coworker Steven, namely the BUFFLEHEAD, Ring Necks and Common Mergansers, my coworker pointed to a bird swimming towards us at south lake shore just east of Three Sisters Islands and to my surprise, I exclaimed "why its a COMMON LOON ! "

Not only that ,a full breeding plumage COMMON LOON with its classic throat ring and checkered back, a true rarity for us here at Prospect to get such a bird we typically see as flyovers.

The diving loon went under for quite a time, and reemerged at areas between the Three Sisters Islands and Duck Island , also in the Peninsula Cove. We lost sight of the bird near the rink shoreline.

Two terrific birds today , Black Vulture and Common Loon.

Also seen were the 4 COMMON MERGANSERS, 9 RING NECKED DUCKS ( 3 at Three Sisters, 6 at Duck Island)