Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Music Island visitor

A report came forward from Rob Bate of a rare YELLOW CROWNED NIGHT HERON on Music Island, by the rink that squarely faces the Lincoln Statue. The heron was spotted around 2 pm.

A GREAT BLUE HERON  has been taking residence at Three Sisters Islands.

Meanwhile out on the water, the continuing COMMON MERGANSERS & RING NECKED DUCKs respectively 6 & 10 birds  waded around n the west half of Prospect Lake. The Mergansers main group of 5 are watched by a solitary drake gliding and avoiding the group. The RING NECKEDs are looking majestic,such a handsome species hanging near the Peninsula shoreline.

At Well Drive picnic table aka Lamppost 249, no sign of. Redpoll but I watched an AMERICAN TREE SPARROW feed upon last fall' s mugwort seeds. A FOX SPARROW was up slope while at least 11 SONG SPARROW fed on the lawn area.This is a good time for migrating sparrows as most are returning from shorter distance southern U.S.