Thursday, March 26, 2015

Merganser Corner, Robin fields

Mergansers inundated the West Island corner as the 6 COMMON MERGANSERS shared the space with a new flock of 4 HOODED MERGANSERS. As they soon departed that section, the COMMONS split the RUDDY DUCK flock of 30 ish birds, as if the COMMONS meant business.

Pretty soon the COMMON MERGANSERS rested within the confides of Three Sisters Islands. And there I found two GREAT BLUE HERONS.; one was a gorgeous plumage bird with its feathers all fluffed out, as the bird perched on a snag , a newly broken Red Maple limb  in the water.

Meanwhile, I saw 9 RING NECKED DUCKS that scattered when I went to the south side, A pair sailed along Three Sisters while the rest went to the back channel of Duck Island.

On the mainland lawn across from Duck Island,during the rainshower, a " multiple" of EASTERN PHOEBE ,three birds on the grass, dancing in the rain?

At the baseball fields, ROBINS are it. Over 100 at least dominated the fields , wet and saturated making tasty morsel available for the AMERICAN ROBIN.

Earlier,in the back channel of Upper Pool Island, 5 WOOD DUCKS are serene ,perched on a limb across the water, great views from the vantage point at the back path.There's sure to be more spring birds.